Self Portrait Painting - We All Fall Down

Portrait Paintings

Capturing a good likeness is more than copying a photograph. It's providing the viewer with a moment of time; of a relationship and a dialogue shared.

Abstract Portrait - Heath

Abstract Portrait Paintings

Combining intuition and imagination into my artistic practice allows me to reflect a sense of disrupted realism and abstract qualities whilst retaining a strong sense of human presence.

Portrait Painting - Between The Cracks - Art of The Lost

Art Of The Lost

An ongoing project to create a selection of Portraits completely from my imagination with a sense of loss as the primary narrative.

Charcoal Eye Drawing

Portrait Drawings

Created with charcoal and graphite. These humble drawing mediums can often reproduce the most arresting portraits.

Ink Portrait Drawing - Lotti

Ink Portrait Drawings

Using abstract shapes & intuitive lines, lush black Indian Ink is encouraged into imaginary faces that are expressionate and exciting.