Ephemeral Abstract Portrait

Abstract Portrait Ephemeral

Abstract portrait – ephemeral As my work journeys into creating abstract portraits, I’ve been continuing with my theme of children. Saying children are a theme almost makes it sound like they are a frivolity, a bit like choosing which dressing to put on your salad! It can be tough to express why certain things resonate …

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The Story of Cobalt – Narrative Abstract Portrait

"Cobalt" Abstract Portrait Painting

 The inspiration behind the painting. Inspiration Strikes Painting a portrait is never easy but creating a narrative abstract portrait almost felt like too tough a call.  We’re not always lucky enough to be able to trace back to that exact moment when inspiration strikes. Nor, sometimes when it strikes, do we act upon it and …

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The Sea and Me

Miniature Seascape Paintings

Click  Miniature Sea Paintings to shop my range of Mini Seascape Paintings.   Long before I became an artist, I sculpted my feelings with poetry, always searching for a language that conveyed the beauty of the ocean and its ferocity. Growing up near the North Sea, from a family with strong Maritime ties, I have always felt …

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