Labrador Portrait Painting

Labrador Portrait Painting - Sookie Labrador

Sookie the Labrador Painting After painting Del’s portrait, I thought I’d create a labrador painting of my own dog, Sookie. We tried a few different poses and action shots but in the end, felt that a close up of her face would be best. I chose this inquisitive head tilt as it perfectly expressed her …

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Ink Portrait Drawings

Ink Portrait Drawing - Aleana

Imaginary Faces Abstracted in Ink I recently decided to shake things up a little and experiment and some black Indian Ink. I’ve been painting exclusively in oils and wanted an art material that was immediate. Ink seemed perfect for this purpose. I wanted something waterproof and lightfast. The additional bonus of Indian Ink is that …

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“Nobody” – Contemporary Oil Portrait Painting

Nobody Portrait Portrait Painting - Eyes Close Up

Early in 2018 I was contacted by a charity called  Poverty Truth Commision and asked if I could help create an artwork sympathetic and illustrative to their cause. “Nobody” was the result of much contemplation and many, many sketches and reworking and is purely an imagined portrait. Creating a painting solely from imagination is very difficult and hugely challenging …

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New abstract portrait in progress

Abstract portrait man work in progress

It’s been a hugely productive week at the easel. Maybe it’s all this early summer sunshine we’re experiencing, maybe it’s the results of good preparation and having absolute defined goals or all of these things combined. Whatever the magic ingredient that has encouraged this week’s artistic endeavours, like Oliver Twist with his little hands on …

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