Oil Painting Classes, Halton Mill, Lancaster

Our next term of Oil Painting Classes starts Tuesday January 11th 2022,

6.30 – 9.00pm and runs for 6 weeks

Costs: £132 and includes all paints, brushes, supports, palettes, cleaners, canvas and support materials etc.

Have you always wanted to learn to paint but confused where to start?

Or are you a painter who wants to improve their skills?

Come to my Oil Painting class at Halton Mill near Lancaster.

Oil Painting Classes - Halton Mill

The course aims to support people both new to oil painting and those who want to further develop foundational skills in a relaxed, nurturing environment. 

Through guided lessons and independent exploration students will begin to explore elements of:

  • tone, [using lights and darks to create form]
  • shape
  • colour, pigments,
  • paint application, brushwork
  • Safe studio practice.  

As you deepen your knowledge of the materials and basic paint handling you will gain confidence to explore subjects that interest you.

How to Book Classes

To enrol please email: learn @donnareadman.com or use the contact form below

Oil Painting at Halton Mill Lancaster

Existing students please Login for course materials and learning support.