Labrador Portrait Painting

Labrador Portrait Painting - Sookie Labrador

Sookie the Labrador Painting

After painting Del’s portrait, I thought I’d create a labrador painting of my own dog, Sookie.

We tried a few different poses and action shots but in the end, felt that a close up of her face would be best. I chose this inquisitive head tilt as it perfectly expressed her curious, attentful nature.

I wondered at first if painting such pale fur would give me a problem but there was plenty of cool reflected light, which made for a nice compliment to her pale golden fur.

The background was softened and abstracted to help subdue it and keep an overall harmonious feel. In the end, I was very happy with the results of the painting.

2 thoughts on “Labrador Portrait Painting”

  1. I love this painting. She reminds me of our lab Molly who passed away last year. Brings tears to my eyes.
    How much does it cost to commission a labrador painting?

  2. Thank you for your message.
    They’re so precious, we’re privileged to share the world with them.
    I’ve sent you an email giving you a guide to my dog portraits.

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