Ink Portrait Drawings

Ink Portrait Drawing - Lotti

Imaginary Faces Abstracted in Ink

My prefered bottle of Indian Ink by Jackson

I recently decided to shake things up a little and experiment and some black Indian Ink. I’ve been painting exclusively in oils and wanted an art material that was immediate. Ink seemed perfect for this purpose.

I wanted something waterproof and lightfast. The additional bonus of Indian Ink is that it contains Shellac which can give a lush semi-gloss finish when dry. It’s also a beautiful jet black when undiluted.

The Ink I bought was a bottle of Jackson’s own brand Indian Ink. It gives stunning results and gorgeous ebony blacks. Its also outstanding value for money at around £2.70 for this 150ml bottle and a little goes a long way.

You can find it on the Jacksons site here, Indian ink along with smaller and larger bottles.

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