“Nobody” – Contemporary Oil Portrait Painting

Nobody Portrait Portrait Painting - Eyes Close Up

Early in 2018 I was contacted by a charity called  Poverty Truth Commision and asked if I could help create an artwork sympathetic and illustrative to their cause. “Nobody” was the result of much contemplation and many, many sketches and reworking and is purely an imagined portrait. Creating a painting solely from imagination is very difficult and hugely challenging …

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New abstract portrait in progress

Abstract portrait man work in progress

It’s been a hugely productive week at the easel. Maybe it’s all this early summer sunshine we’re experiencing, maybe it’s the results of good preparation and having absolute defined goals or all of these things combined. Whatever the magic ingredient that has encouraged this week’s artistic endeavours, like Oliver Twist with his little hands on …

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Ephemeral Abstract Portrait

Abstract Portrait Ephemeral

Abstract portrait – ephemeral As my work journeys into creating abstract portraits, I’ve been continuing with my theme of children. Saying children are a theme almost makes it sound like they are a frivolity, a bit like choosing which dressing to put on your salad! It can be tough to express why certain things resonate …

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The Story of Cobalt – Narrative Abstract Portrait

"Cobalt" Abstract Portrait Painting

 The inspiration behind the painting. Inspiration Strikes Painting a portrait is never easy but creating a narrative abstract portrait almost felt like too tough a call.  We’re not always lucky enough to be able to trace back to that exact moment when inspiration strikes. Nor, sometimes when it strikes, do we act upon it and …

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The Sea and Me

Miniature Seascape Paintings

Click  Miniature Sea Paintings to shop my range of Mini Seascape Paintings.   Long before I became an artist, I sculpted my feelings with poetry, always searching for a language that conveyed the beauty of the ocean and its ferocity. Growing up near the North Sea, from a family with strong Maritime ties, I have always felt …

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